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The Price of Tree Services in 2022

This article accurately reflects the current prices of tree removal in 2022.

It’s simple to ignore the trees in our yards until something goes wrong, like when a damaged branch crashes down on the car or when the overzealous leaves completely block out the sun. An experienced tree surgeon can be hired to take care of the trees in your garden so they remain healthy, attractive, and protective of houses and other properties. This guide will help you understand typical prices for tree services like tree removal and the price of a tree surgeon so that you can have an idea of what to expect before you get started on your project.

Price of Removing a Tree

There are a lot of moving parts in tree surgery, so it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of how much it will cost, unlike many home improvement projects where it is simple to measure and estimate a task depending on the cost per square metre or something comparable.

A handful of tree surgeons may need around an hour to remove a two-meter-tall sapling from the centre of a yard, although many people would contemplate doing it themselves.

Their hourly charge per person is normally between £40 and £50 per hour. However, a task like cutting down a giant oak tree that is close to a property border and hence more difficult to reach will call for a sizable crew, numerous days of effort, working at height, and the removal of several tonnes of wood. This task may cost from £3,000 to £5,000.

Relatively small tree removal jobs are often priced on an hourly or daily basis. As a result of the details of the job at hand, tree surgeons in Stourbridge sometimes operate in teams. While a two-person team would charge a daily fee of roughly £400 for a smaller firm, the average cost per day for a large corporation is over £700.

A half-labour day to remove a tree could cost £200 to £400, plus another £100 or so for clearing the debris. However, you can also inquire with your local authorities about clearing this garbage. Removing trees might be priced under these rates if the operation is minor and straightforward. Based on the crew, the size and location of the tree, and where you reside, charges for somewhat bigger trees, such as a birch tree with multiple branches, may take a little longer and range from £500 to £800. Prices are often higher in London. When dealing with ancient, very big trees, especially if they cast shadows on nearby homes, the price tag can easily run into thousands of pounds.

Get a Price for Tree Removal

Through our services, you can get in touch with qualified tree surgeons in your area and get instant, personalised price quotes from them.

Stump Removal Prices

A stump grinder may be rented for less than £100 per day from a tool rental company, but it’s typically worth it to employ a professional if you want the job done well and the stump removed entirely. If the stump is at ground level, the current charge for grinding is £3 per inch of diameter, so removing a stump that is 10 inches wide would cost £30. While this is a fair starting point, it’s more likely that the total cost of the project will be based on hourly rates, with a base cost of around £100, particularly if this is the only work a tradesperson is being called out to undertake. 

Fees for Tree Maintenance

Common tree trimming tasks, such as crown reduction and canopy thinning, are typically included in the tree surgery team’s day fee, with the final cost dependent on the scope of the work and the accessibility of the tree. Price ranges for tree service can begin at approximately £100 for smaller operations and go up to £500 or more for bigger trees.

Additional Expenses for Tree Surgery

It may be necessary to hire a wood chipper, which may cost anywhere from £50 to several hundred pounds, if there is a large amount of lumber to be disposed of, like when a tree has fallen and has to be removed.

For between £200 and £300, you can get a report on the results of a tree study that looks at the health of the trees on your property and points out any problems they may cause, like damage to your home’s foundation.

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