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Tree Surgeons Stourbridge

Tree removal, tree stump removal, all aspects of tree surgery and emergency tree removal.

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NPTC Qualified

Our team members are NPTC qualified and committed to carrying out safe working practices.

BS3998 Tree Work

All of our staff are trained to BS3998 standards so they can correctly carry out their job to a high standard.

Stourbridge Tree Surgery

Tree Stump Removal

We operate a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week business so whenever or wherever you may need a professional contact us.

Tree Services

With regular maintenance and tree care, your tree will never become a hazard and can be taken advantage of for years to come.

Local Tree Surgeons

If you have an emergency, our specially trained local staff members can deliver you the requirements you need and solve the problem.

Here at Stourbridge Tree Surgery your local tree surgeons, we provide only the best services and care for our customers. Whatever it is that you require from a stump to tree we are able to do it all both professional and affordable.

​If your looking for tree care services in Stourbridge then look no further, our fully qualified arborists are fully trained, highly skilled and certified to provide you with all of your tree felling requirements. 

We always go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our customers and ensure that the job is completed to their standard and that the work area and garden is left tidy. What makes us different is a job is never finished until the customer says it is and we aim to always get it right the first time.

Our customers in Stourbridge are always put first and whatever is required, we will do our best to achieve it. In the case of an emergency, whatever time it is, we make it our mission to get to you shortly after your phone call and deal with whatever your tree emergency may be.


Tree surgeon Stourbridge – we are able to provide you with the highest quality tree work. Our specially trained tree surgeons are experts in their field and are highly trained in overcoming challenges that come our way. We provide a variety of services which each individual tree surgeon is fully trained to do, listed below are some of the tree surgery services that we can deliver:

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Site Clearance
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Shaping
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Felling
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Out Services

We can get your tree exactly how you want it and to maintain its growth and health too. A big part of a tree surgeons roll is to ensure that their work is completed with complete accuracy to ensure that no mistakes are made that could result in harming its surroundings.


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Our Work

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Tree arborists Wolverhampton, Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Stump Grinding, pollarding, reducing, crown thinning
Tree Surgery Wolverhampton, Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Stump Grinding, pollarding, reducing, crown thinning
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Tree Stump removal in Wolverhampton, Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Stump Grinding

Tree Surgeons

Stourbridge tree surgeons services vary due to the nature of the work as a service could involve the trimming of tree hedges, stump grinding to a complete site clearance. A tree surgeon specialises in the maintenance of tree and various other things such as shrubbery and plants. This type of work requires a specific set of qualifications and skills in order to be a successful one tree surgeon.

A tree is the first thing you see when you look at the driveway to a house in most cases so having an untidy hedge or trees can be very noticeable. First impressions are everything, it’s what will make people make their mind up in as little as a few seconds and having unhealthy trees can make your house look dull and uninviting. We ensure that your garden areas will be left tidy and tree cuttings free.

Tree are a beautiful gift of nature and should be treasured as they are living things and need love and care just like animals and humans do too. A tree can make a place look beautiful once blossomed and can really make a place stand out. Tree can also be planted together an eventually make forests and can form beautiful picturesque landscapes that are precious and unique in their own right.

Tree Surgeon Stourbridge

Not everybody needs an arborist to regular check up on their tree as it all depends on the type of tree you have and what care they require. Some tree need more attention than others but the result of doing so is really worth it as they become beautiful and healthy and compliment everything that surrounds them.

Some trees can be easily forgotten about but with some tree and stump grinding, once they have been neglected for so long they can end up having to be removed as they can cause problems to things that surround them and can end up becoming a hazard to buildings and people too. Contact us if you are interested in any of our professional tree work we cover Stourbridge and all of its surrounding areas.

Maintaining a tree is important for both you and your environment. Proper tree maintenance can help promote tree health, stability and longevity. It also helps maintain tree structure and integrity, which are essential to the overall health of the tree. Tree maintenance includes pruning, fertilizing, watering and inspecting for pests or diseases.

Pruning is necessary to remove dead or dying branches that could potentially harm nearby structures or people. Fertilizing helps trees absorb nutrients from soil more efficiently and promotes healthy growth. Watering ensures adequate moisture levels for tree roots during dry periods; however, too much water can cause root rot in some species of tree. Regular visual inspections can alert you to any potential problems before they become serious issues; it’s best to address any issues early on to avoid more serious long-term damage or disease. Taking preventive tree maintenance measures will ensure that you and your tree have a long and healthy relationship. Remember, tree care is an ongoing process; make sure to check on your tree regularly to ensure that it stays healthy and strong.

Find our local reviews and ratings and professional garden crown info, tel our company up for the best tree solutions and tree surgery stourbidge.

From Our Customers

“Gareth did an outstanding job for us in Oldswinford, he felled several large trees for us that needed doing for some time. The teamer members were very pleasant and the job was carried out professionally.”

Mark Thornton

“I contracted Gareth to grind 8 huge stumps from one of my rental properties in Wollaston. Really pleased as always with the way the work was carried out, no mess was left and the job was completed on schedule.”

Brett Haviland

“Every year I have Gaz and his team round to shape up my conifers that border my property. They always do a brilliant job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for the great service that he provides.”

Haydn Sturgess

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